Interstacks monitors machines and sensors so you can increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. It does this by using snap-together, modular electronic blocks – Stacks, and an optional integrated IoT cloud platform – MyStacks. Interstacks complete, easy-to-use solution means you will be up and running in minutes. Your Interstacks support engineer will pre-program your stacks to meet your needs at no cost.

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Remote machine monitoring is one of many IIoT solutions using Interstacks. Send data to our MyStacks IoT cloud platform or the server of your choice.

Monitor machines remotely using Interstacks snap-together electronic blocks. Start with a power sensing starter kit which includes one sensor and 30 days of FREE MyStacks IoT cloud dashboard access, or build your own from individual blocks. View machine data from any web browser, on any device, anywhere. View when a machine is off, on, or on under load. Get email and text alerts based on conditions you set. The starter kit sensor handles currents up to 20 Amps but contact us for up to 200 Amp sensors. Your Interstacks support engineer can pre-program your stacks to your specifications. Data can be intelligently processed within the stack in any way. The starter kit includes a Superbase, Analog In, Wifi block, and power sensor. Other available communications blocks include ethernet, cell data, and RS-485.

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