Machine, pump, and motor operating conditions are often indicated by their vibration characteristics. Well before a failure or stress reveals itself in a complete breakdown, vibration anomalies can be detected. Reduce your maintenance costs and prevent operational downtime by adding real-time vibration monitoring to your industrial assets.

Monitor vibration for motors, pumps, compressors, machine tool spindles, conveyors, gear boxes, blowers, dryers, robots, transport vehicles, conduits, and pipes using a wired, or wireless, vibration sensor. The sensors communicate with an Interstacks stack using wired RS485 or wireless bluetooth. Includes temperature sensing in addition to vibration data. Multiple sensors can communicate with a single stack if within bluetooth range or if using a multi-drop RS-485 chain. The stack will be pre-programmed to send data to the MyStacks IoT cloud platform (or other servers) for real-time visualizations and alerts. View the vibration data from any web browser, on any device, anywhere. Get alerts via text or email based on criteria you select. Email us now:

Use wired RS-485 or wireless bluetooth vibration sensors. Use ethernet, wifi, or cell data to send data to the MyStacks IoT cloud platform. The bluetooth sensor is a 3 axis MEMs based and can be set to +/- 2g 4g 8g 16g range. If using 60 minute wakeup and send, battery life is 3-4 years. If continuous send, battery life is 3-4 months. (Battery is easily field replaceable.) The wired sensor uses RS-485 serial data and is 2 axis. This allows for continuous monitoring without replacing bluetooth sensor batteries. The stack hardware would use a RS-485 block instead of bluetooth. Vibration data includes RMS velocity, peak velocity, peak acceleration in g, RMS acceleration in g, and others.

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Wireless vibration monitoring starter kit

Wired vibration monitoring starter kit

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