View machine and sensor data on the Interstacks customizable visualization dashboard via any web browser on any device – phone, tablet, or laptop. Get alerts via email and text messages based on criteria you select.

Use Interstacks cloud device management to see the status of all of your connected stacks and remotely deploy stack blueprint (software) updates (OTA updates).

Stacks can also send information directly to any third-party I IoT cloud platform or on premise server using REST APIs, Modbus TCP, or Modbus RTU.

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(Full MyStacks documentation is in the Support section of this web site: MyStacks Documentation)

You must login to your Interstacks account to view connected stacks.

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View data sent from a stack in any web browser on any device anywhere.

All data sent to the MyStacks cloud dashboard is timestamped and saved in a database for viewing immediately, generating reports, and exporting to CSV files for importing to spreadsheets.

Select from a menu of visualization widgets (for example, single value, line charts, tables).

Text and email alerts can be sent based on criteria you select, for example a sensor exceeding some threshold value.

Stacks management

View the connection status of all of your stacks in one list. Manage over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

Set red, yellow, green indicator levels on visualization widgets.


Analytics – View machine on, off, and on-load times for productivity and OEE monitoring.

Analytics – See statistics for data streams and a histogram of values over a selected time period. Use to configure machine or sensor state analytics.

Analytics – Bar chart showing 24 hours of machine utilization (OEE): Off, On, and On-Load.

Analytics – Machine utilization (OEE) analysis based on raw sensor data. Use power consumption sensors or switch closures to record utilization, cycle counts and cycle times per hour, per shift, and per day.

View counts history for machine cycles (open/close, cut) parts entering a machine, packaging line pieces, and flow meters.

Advanced OEE reports

OEE gauges