Stacks are fully programmable and your support engineer will pre-program them for your custom application at no cost. Or use Stackbuilder, a simple, innovative visual authoring tool. ┬áThe Stackbuilder drag-and-drop interface lets you add local smarts to your IoT edge. Simply draw lines between hardware and software blocks. Use the built-in software blocks library then customize by programming in Python – an easy to use scripting language.


No coding required. Just draw lines between blocks to make your stack blueprint.

Each block has inputs & outputs that send or receive messages, like numbers or text or data.

Use software blocks from the built-in library.

Mix hardware & software blocks.

Make your own blocks using Python – an easy to use scripting language.

Send the blueprint to your stack via USB cable.


Projects are stored locally and optionally in the cloud, so you can author on any Mac or PC. You can also use Stackbuilder when not connected to the internet.