Interstacks empowers anyone to wake their world by quickly getting things and machines connected to real-time dashboards, alerts, and analytics. It does this by using snap-together electronic blocks, a visual drag-and-drop authoring tool for telling a stack what to do, and a cloud visualization platform. Increase productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce waste by using insights gained from real-time data from the physical word. Add smart connectivity to new or existing products. Companies that become agile, real-time organizations will succeed in this winner-take-all world of now.

Interstacks was incubated at MAYA Design, a design and technology consultancy in Pittsburgh PA. It is based on over 25 years of pervasive computing research and deployments. The company was founded by Carnegie-Mellon University engineering alumni and experienced entrepreneurs. MAYA Design is now part of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

The founders of MAYA authored the book “Trillions”, a field guide to the imminent world of a trillion connected things. We are rapidly moving into the post-PC world of a trillion connected devices. How can we get all of the things to work together? How can we empower people to help create this post-PC world of computing everywhere, in everything? These are the questions that the Interstacks team is dedicated to answering.

Architecture for Trillions

When most people talk about the “internet of things” they are actually talking about their internet of five or six things, not the post-PC world of a trillion connected devices. Scaling message and control flow beyond trivially small numbers is hard. It is even harder to provide a path to go from easily connecting a few things, to connecting many things in many locations. Interstacks incorporates a comprehensive hardware, software, and information architecture for pervasive computing. We’d love to talk to you more about it. Email us at