Get real-time intelligence on all your sensors & machines.

Interstacks is the easiest to use, complete industrial internet of things solution. No software or IoT expertise needed. No disruptions to current operations. Measure downtime, OEE, count parts, get alerts from sensors. Email today!

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Add remote monitoring to OEM industrial products in minutes


How it Works

Connect your machines and sensors to a stack

  • Hardware blocks for many connectivity needs
  • Stack as few or as many blocks as you need
  • Send real-time, timestamped data to the MyStacks cloud platform over ethernet, wifi, or cell data. (Optionally send to your own on-prem or cloud server.)
  • Stacks are fully programmable and your support engineer will pre-program them for your custom application at no cost. Or do it yourself using Python with Stackbuilder.


View data from any browser on any device

  • See analytics for up/down time, part counts, machine cycles, OEE, all types of sensors, and any other metrics you need.
  • Easily build custom dashboards
  • Get real-time text/email alerts
  • All data is timestamped and saved
  • Secure and encrypted: All data encrypted in transit and at rest in database. Only needs one URL access. MFA and SSO logins supported.

MyStacks IoT cloud platform

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Digital transformation with impact

Increase productivity in any industrial process by monitoring up/down time, counting parts, machine cycles, OEE, and tracking quality. Industrial machine OEMs can quickly add remote monitoring features via our private labeling partnerships. Get real-time text and email alerts from sensors and machines throughout your operations.

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Use Cases

Founded on over 25 years of research and deployments.

Interstacks has large scale deployments streaming data every second of every day from all over the world. The company was spun out of MAYA Design (since acquired by BCG) by Carnegie-Mellon University engineering alumni and is based on over 25 years of research and deployments of distributed computing systems. Interstacks incorporates a comprehensive hardware-software and information architecture for the rapidly approaching world of massive, distributed computing.

About Us

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