Wake your world.

Monitor your machines' productivity and reliability in real time. Add remote monitoring features to your OEM industrial equipment. Get real time alerts from all of your industrial operation's sensors.

Build a nervous system for your world.

  • Make machines and things – smart & connected.
  • Realize huge ROI due to productivity improvements, lower maintenance costs, higher quality, and less waste.
  • Deploy rapidly without disrupting current operations.
  • Get real-time information on your operations.
  • Measure machine OEE in real-time. Learn more about OEE
  • Invent any smart, connected device you can imagine!

Stackbuilder & MyStacks

Unlimited Possibilities

Take your idea from concept to deployment in minutes. Use Stackbuilder to tell your stack what to do. Use pre-programmed projects that just need configured; or simply draw lines between hardware and software blocks; or make your own software blocks using Python – an easy to use scripting language.

View your insights from anywhere. Access sensor and machine data on the Interstacks MyStacks IoT cloud dashboard from any web browser on any device – phone, tablet, laptop. Or use any I IoT on-premise or cloud platform. Go direct from your world to any device.


The Next Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0

Interstacks snap-together blocks make it simple to bring connectivity and real-time visibility to your world. Snap together blocks for I/O, communications, and user interface. Just pick the blocks you need to talk to your sensors and machines. Stacks with wifi, cell data, or ethernet can talk to each other and the internet. A DIN rail mounting kit and weatherproof enclosure (NEMA 4X, IP66) are available.

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Use Cases

Digital transformation with impact

Realize huge ROI by analyzing and monitoring your operations. Reduce downtime through preventative maintenance & real-time text or email alerts. Embed smart connectivity in your product.

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Use Cases

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