Wake your world.

Get real-time information from your sensors and machines in minutes. Add remote monitoring features to your OEM industrial equipment. Get real time alerts from all of your industrial operations. Why struggle to put all the puzzle pieces together when you can just contact us at info@interstacks.com ?

Build a nervous system for your world.

  • Increase productivity in any industrial process by monitoring up/down time, counting parts, OEE, and tracking quality.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by analyzing actual usage and getting real-time sensor alerts.
  • Deploy rapidly without disrupting current operations.
  • Industrial machine OEMs and sensor manufacturers can add a complete remote monitoring solution in minutes. Talk to us about our private labeled hardware with integrated IoT cloud dashboard solutions.
  • Measure machine OEE in real-time. Learn more about OEE
  • No IoT or software expertise needed. We can pre-program stacks for your application at  no cost.

Stackbuilder & MyStacks

Unlimited Possibilities

Stacks are fully programmable and your support engineer will pre-program them for your custom application at no cost. The Superbase block uses the Python programming language and applications are built using our Stackbuilder development tool. The drag and drop interface lets you quickly add local smarts and program in Python if desired.

Access sensor and machine data on the Interstacks MyStacks IoT cloud dashboard from any web browser on any device – phone, tablet, laptop. (Or use any other server). All historical data is saved for viewing and reporting. Arrange dashboard widgets any way you prefer. Use line charts, single values, gauges, state history, state table, counts bar charts, multi-tag reports with user defined shift times, and many more.


The Next Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0

Interstacks snap-together blocks make it simple to bring connectivity and real-time visibility to your world. Snap together blocks for I/O, communications, and user interface. Just pick the blocks you need to talk to your sensors and machines. Send data to the network using wifi, ethernet, or cell data. A DIN rail mounting kit and weatherproof enclosure (NEMA 4X, IP66) are available.

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Use Cases

Digital transformation with impact

Interstacks modular electronic blocks and integrated MyStacks IoT cloud platform is the easiest to use, complete industrial internet of things solution.

Read about how others have put our Interstacks integrated IoT solution to use.

Use Cases

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