Make Old Machines Smart

See the status of legacy machines from anywhere, anytime. Attach sensor or machine data interfaces to a stack then send to cloud or on-premise dashboards using Wifi, cell network, or ethernet blocks. Have software in the stack check the machine’s status and look for any error conditions every minute. Send alerts to on-site and remote personnel via email and text.

Pump & Motor Status

Send on-site and cloud alerts when a water pump gets clogged by attaching power consumption and vibration sensors to the pump. Attaching these sensors to motors can provide an independent measure of usage and status.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Optimize air, water, or other filter replacement and maintenance costs based on actual usage not just fixed time windows. Power consumption sensors can track on and off time. Flow sensors can track liquid flow.

Monitor Refrigeration

Monitor temperatures in remote refrigeration units and food preparation areas by connecting multiple temperature sensors to a stack. A convenience store central office can monitor all of its hundreds of remote locations in real time. Temperatures in refrigeration units and food preparation areas can be recorded for food safety and operational efficiency.

Track Inventory Remotely

Monitor remote facilities inventory using barcode, weight sensors, optical sensors, RFID and other techniques. For example, monitor repair parts inventory in hundreds of remote maintenance facilities. If transitioning from low tech to hi-tech, just use weight sensors that weigh bins of replacement parts connected to a dashboard at the central office.

Remote Maintenance Monitoring

For field equipment under maintenance contracts, monitor usage and status in real time. Optimize in-field preventative maintenance truck rolls. Send data over the cell network or via Wifi.

Water & Air Quality

Send alerts on water and/or air quality by using pH sensors, temperature, humidity, CO2 sensors, and particulates. Continuously stream water and air quality data to the cloud and take local action if unsafe conditions are detected like shutting off drinking water valves.

Upgrade Existing Products

Add smart connectivity to new or existing products by embedding a stack or adding on in the field. Send usage and maintenance data to a central dashboard to increase customer engagement and enable usage based business models.

Quality Assurance

Use barcode scanning, laser distance measurement of parts, manual keyboard entry, and cloud or on-premise server communication at a custom QA station.

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