Interstacks monitors machines and sensors so you can increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. It does this by using snap-together, modular electronic blocks – Stacks, and an optional integrated IoT cloud platform – MyStacks. Interstacks complete, easy-to-use solution means you will be up and running in minutes. Your Interstacks support engineer will pre-program your stacks to meet your needs at no cost.

Interstacks makes it easy to solve any m2m communication issues. Need some help with your machine monitoring and IoT projects? Email us now:

View machine and sensor data in real time on any phone, tablet, or laptop.

m2m communication can be handled via software in the stacks converting any message protocols needed. Your Interstacks support engineer can pre-program your stacks to your specifications. Interstacks starter kits include machine or sensor input blocks and Ethernet, Wifi, or cell data blocks to send data to the optional MyStacks cloud dashboard for saving, visualizing, and text/email alerts.

Learn more about all that Interstacks can do. Configure custom stacks or call us to discuss your IIoT projects. Email us now: We would love to talk to you about your projects.

OEE Starter Kit Wifi


OEE Starter Kit Ethernet