Interstacks monitors machines and sensors so you can increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs. It does this by using snap-together, modular electronic blocks – Stacks, and an optional integrated IoT cloud platform – MyStacks. Interstacks complete, easy-to-use solution means you will be up and running in minutes. Your Interstacks support engineer will pre-program your stacks to meet your needs at no cost.

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According to lean manufacturing metrics (measured by overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE), world-class manufacturing sites are working at 85% of their theoretical capacity. Yet the average factory is only at about 60%, meaning there’s vast room for improvement in terms of productivity.

Monitor machine OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) in real time and view on any phone, tablet, or laptop. Use a power consumption sensor, dry contact switch inputs, and/or serial data connected to an Interstack’s stack. Measure up/down time, count parts and machine cycles. Record reasons for downtime using a barcode scanner.

Many machine operations can be determined via analyzing the high resolution power consumption data. In the above MyStacks IoT dashboard screenshot, power consumption sensor levels are set for “Machine Off”, “Machine On”, and “Machine On-Load”. Detailed second-by-second machine usage is analyzed, saved, and reported on.

The Interstacks OEE starter kits include a Superbase – Analog In Universal – I/O Expander – and Ethernet or Wifi blocks. Includes 30/60/120 Amp sensor (current transducer). Clamp the sensor around one of the AC lines powering a machine. Sensors are sampled once per second, timestamped, and sent to the MyStacks cloud dashboard for saving, visualizing, and text/email alerts. View the  data from any web browser, on any device, anywhere. Optionally connect any dry contact switch inputs (or OC or NPN digital sensors) to measure cycle times for stamping, packaging, cutting or other operations. Report on cycle counts by hour, by shift, and by day. All data is saved in a database and can also be exported to CSV files for importing into spreadsheets.

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OEE Starter Kit Wifi


OEE Starter Kit Ethernet