Monitor vibration using wired vibration sensor starter kit – Ethernet


Monitor vibration for motors, pumps, compressors, machine tool spindles, conveyors, gear boxes, blowers, dryers, robots, transport vehicles, conduits, and pipes using a wireless, bluetooth, vibration sensor with a stack. Well before a failure or stress reveals itself in a complete breakdown, vibration anomalies can be detected. The sensor communicates with the stack using wired RS-485. It is a 2 axis sensor that outputs velocity and acceleration, peak and RMS. Includes temperature sensing. Multiple sensors can communicate with a single stack using multi-drop RS-485 chain. Stack will be pre-programmed to send data to the MyStacks IoT cloud platform for real-time visualizations or other servers. Get text/email alerts. Also available with wifi and cell data communication. And with wireless bluetooth vibration sensor. email us at for more info.