8 Channel IoT Sensor Gateway for Remote Monitoring – Wifi


Connect up to 8 individually configurable (0-20mA, 10V, 5V, more) analog inputs and send theĀ data directly to any on-premise or cloud dashboard including Interstacks MyStacks IoT cloud visualization platform. Pre-programmed andĀ configured for your application at no cost. Fully programmable. Get text/email alerts. Includes Superbase – Analog In Universal – Wifi blocks. Your Interstacks support engineer will pre-program your stacks to meet your needs at no cost. Contact us at info@interstacks.com

Includes 30 days of free Interstacks MyStacks cloud dashboard service or use your existing infrastructure.
* Also available in 16 and 24 channel versions and in ethernet and cell radio versions. Contact us for details. (Sensors not included).


(Technical specifications: The universal analog input module has eight analog inputs that can be individually configured for +/- 2.56V +/- 1.28V +/- 0.64V +/-5VDC 0-10V 0-5V 0-2.5V 0-1.28V and 4-20mA current. 16 bit resolution. 1KHz max sampling rate across all eight channels. ADC type is SAR.)