OEE Starter Kit – Ethernet


Monitor machine OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) in real time and view on any phone, tablet, or laptop. Use a power sensor and dry contact switch inputs connected to a stack. Includes Superbase – Analog In Universal – I/O Expander – Ethernet blocks. Includes 30/60/120A power sensor (current transducer).  Clamp the sensor around one of the AC lines powering a machine to track on/off/on-load. Optionally connect any dry contact switch inputs to measure cycle times or count parts. Sensors are sampled, timestamped, and sent to the MyStacks IoT cloud dashboard for saving, visualizing, and text/email alerts. Includes free 30 days of MyStacks dashboard. Your Interstacks support engineer will pre-program your stacks to meet your needs and setup initial dashboards at no cost. Contact us at info@interstacks.com