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Wake YOUR world...

with Interstacks snap-together electronic blocks and Stackbuilder visual authoring tool. In minutes, invent any smart devices you can imagine. Then connect them to each other and the internet. Interstacks empowers you to become master of your internet of things universe.


Choose the electronic blocks you want.


Snap them together.


Use the Stackbuilder authoring tool to tell your stack what to do.

Get any thing to work with any other thing.

Stacks can talk to anything: web sites, Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platforms, or other stacks located anywhere in the world. They're ready for the post-PC world of a trillion connected things.

Grab some blocks and start building


Based on 25 years of research, Interstacks incorporates an architecture for massive scalability.

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Imagination is the only limitation.

The mission of Interstacks isn’t just to make cool things possible, but to empower a community of makers to disrupt everything. If we’re truly going to tap the potential of inexpensive, powerful computing to change the world, we need to empower artists, designers, factory floor workers, farmers, electricians, parents, and kids—not just engineering pros—to make, connect, and invent something new.

  • Industrial IoT Multi-sensor gateways, protocol conversion gateways, HMIs, digital signage, M2M.
  • DIY-Makers Make whatever internet of things project you can imagine using sensors, motors, buttons, displays.
  • STEM Education Teach & inspire with powerful, yet easy to use, electronics and visual “programming” tool.